I don’t know why it is so difficult for some guys to say things just the way they are, rather than painting pictures of a never existing castle in the air. Truth hurts no doubt; but it is always the safest way out of any situation in the long run. I know a lot of people may not agree with this; but I have no regret saying it all the same. Must all stories be tainted with a bit of lie just to catch the attention of your listeners? Give me a couple of minutes of your time, and you will understand what I am talking about.

None was born a saint; and that goes to explain why we all have a few weaknesses to deal with. There are certain things or behaviours expected of a clergy. A clergy is not only expected to be above board; but also required to steer the sheep of God in the right direction. Not the case with Ejike (not real name). Ejike or “Pastor” Ejike is a saint only when amongst brethren; and a wolf when no one else, but God is watching. He is quick to emphasize the need for the congregation to always say the truth; but slow to speaking the truth himself.

My problem with Ejike started a few years ago when my uncle and I moved to a new location somewhere in Aba in Abia State. He was then the pastor of the first church (name of church withheld) I attended in my new neighbourhood. I got to like him immediately he mounted the pulpit to preach one of the best sermons I ever listened to. His sermons were so powerful and encouraging that I decided to get closer to him.

I developed a liking for his kind of lifestyle, and visited him regularly to share the word of God both in his house and church. However, we both had our individual differences especially concerning certain doctrinal beliefs and interpretations. The saying that you never get to really know the truth about a person until you get close to him became a reality after Ejike and I became really close as friends.

Ejike’s major problem or weakness was lying; and that came with other weaknesses as well. He would travel several kilometres with some ladies to drink and fornicate in some secret beer parlour, and then come to church on Sunday to preach against alcohol and adultery. He would never give a testimony on the alter without tainting it with some lies. He enjoyed lies so much that he would brag about how good his lying skills are as soon as he got home.

When you try to call him to order, he would gladly remind you how his church has more members than any other simply because the world only likes lies. Ironically, the church attendance keeps growing. Does that mean people only go to church to be lied to?

Dear readers, I am not writing all these because of envy; but because my pastor is feeding fat on people’s intelligence. Not even when I tried pointing some of these inconsistencies out to some church members did they believe me. People say I am a bit jealous of his gifts and oratory abilities; but I am a fairly successful Christian and father as well.


By the time you are reading this, I will be far away in Abeokuta attending a minister’s conference. My problem is, no one sees Ejike the way I see him; he seems to be so innocent looking. Yes, that was exactly what I thought the first time I attended church service in Aba that Sunday morning.

I don’t want to be the one to pull down a “man of God;” should I move to a different church or just keep dying in silence until the truth starts revealing itself?


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