An adage says “what goes around comes around”, you hear tales of people that could have been saved, if and only if we chose to do things the right way.

Such is the story of a young man who gave his name only as Harrison, he said, “My house is near the scene of the incident. Alafia bus stop is notorious for phone thieves. I lost my younger brother to the thieves in January 2016. He was 20 years old and was coming back from a rehearsal when he was attacked by the thieves at that bus stop.

“He was holding his friend’s Samsung Galaxy Tab. They stabbed him in the neck and my brother collapsed. He was rushed to a hospital, but he still died.

”Many times I seat back and ponder how frequent we hear the tales of poor service delivery in our hospitals and the professional negligence of our doctors to saving lives when it matters most, a doctor is commanded by oath to save the life of a human firstly before any question is been asked, but the revised is the case. Rather you will hear talk like “the doctor is not on seat” “do you have a police report?” “sorry you have to pay a deposit before we begin treatment” and so on, this statements can be so crushing to the soul.

This brings me to asked the question,  are our doctors human?, doctors even have passion for the profession?

This is a critical issue because it deals with the whole human exist. A popular slogan says “LIFE HAS NO DUPLICATE”, many have died, some are dying and more will die if we don’t put an end to the lack of professional attitude of our health care institutions and practitioners  towards saving the life common Nigerians.

We are all aware of the present hardship which is crippling the economy, but should that make Nigerians heartless to the core?  to the extent of not even regarding or having sympathy for human life, or maybe the fear of police interrogation which is not helping to solve the matter rather, the police will hold you in custody and charge you with un-necessary allegations and questions till the victim is dead. Am sure we all have experienced this things happening when you help an injured person to the police station, but even that should not deter us from helping one another in times of need.

We need to take a queue for the western world where the live of its citizen is of top most priority. When such accidents happen even the police would call for ambulance to save the life of the person, they even safe guard the person from any form of assault during and after treatment, before arresting and charging you to court.

The government should see to the needs of Nigerians by building standard health care facilities that can cope with emergencies, the government should also sanction hospitals and the medical practitioners for negligence of any kind, also sensitizes the police on their approach towards persons involved in such cases.

We need to come together for the progress of our beloved nation even in times of distress, let us have it at the back of our mind that it could even be you in such a situation.