Oh ,The Joy Of Home Coming!

Finally you are home where you took off! How things have changed from the ways they were before you left the shores of your country. Suddenly you start having this nostalgic feeling that makes you want to see old friends. Friends you have truly missed all these while; then you start wondering where some of them could possibly be at the moment. Where is this, where is that, where are your old school mates, where is everybody? The feeling keeps coming uncontrollably too; it’s normal because you can’t deny yourself the right to feel that way.

Suddenly you feel like you could ask a thousand questions in a minute; but answers may not come as thick and fast as expected. However, you are happy to be home where it all started. You feel like hitting the road and the night club if you are the party type. You want to catch up with lost time as if the rest of your life depended on it.

When you finally hit the road, you suddenly discover that things have changed; some for good, and some below expectations. With mixed feelings, you feel like wow! The question of what could have happened to that building or that road start coming to mind. You want to know what has happened to your favourite childhood spot; those shanties where you used to hang around with friends all gone because the bulldozers came visiting.

Everyone wants to curry your favour because you feel like the new boy in town. You are the cynosure of all eyes; and everyone seems to be waiting to hear your next question or instruction. I won’t blame them if I was in your shoes; after all, they have been dying to catch a glimpse of a friend/brother/cousin/neighbour that has been away all these years.

For you as a  returnee, the joy of home coming may or may not last long-it all depends on the kind of welcome you get. Sometimes it has to do with your expectation before coming back home. The joy of home coming doesn’t last long once you discover that things fall short of your plans and expectations. If you left your homeland expecting that the power situation would have improved before you return, then your joy certainly won’t last long if you  return to the noise of generating sets everywhere you turn to.

If things fall short of your expectations; then the joy of home coming won’t last. It is at that moment you feel like beating a retreat. You  start having this feeling of regrets. You suddenly feel vulnerable , doubts and mistrusts begin to envelope  your heart. The truth is that you are never alone because thousands of people who return home everyday go through similar challenges everyday of their lives. They watch as their expectations and hopes come crashing. This can however, be tamed only if you stayed glued to this very interesting diary. It is a diary that contains relevant information on how to manage your expectations especially when things go contrary to plans.

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