We all have our different opinions when it comes to the type of people we want our children to get married to when they grow up in life. Read the story of Theresa, who sent me this a while ago…

I could care less about what anyone has to say about my thoughts and feelings—after all, I have earned the right to feel that way.

I know what I go through every day trying to raise my kids. I married for love; yes that was my decision because no one was there to guide and provide helpful tips on how to make the right decisions in marriage. The love I have for my husband has not changed one bit, but what has changed is my disposition towards life and towards marriage.

Marriage for me is about happiness; and money is one of those major things that can make a happy home. Despite the love I have for my husband, I never escape loads of temptations every day. The urge to cheat on my husband in order to raise money to either support him in one area of the other never fails to come.

As a parent I feel the pain deep inside of me when my daughters ask me to take them to the Galleria or one of those eateries in Lagos. I feel deeply hurt when such requests are being made because I know we can’t afford to. In life you choose your path, and I have chosen mine.

However, I will do whatever it takes to see that my daughters never get married to a poor man. I never get tired of drumming it into the ears of my children; and though my husband says it’s wrong to do that, I would rather incur his wrath than have my children misled.

Let’s stop bashing women who have vowed to marry the rich men of this world; everyone likes the good life.

I am a mother and it’s not easy when your kid is driven home every term just to get her school fees. It is demoralising when your daughter is sent home to go get the money for her books or home economics practical. I know what I am talking about. I know how many nights my husband and I have gone without foods to eat.

I will screen any man that comes to ask for the hand of any of my daughters in marriage. I am not saying he should be super duper rich; I am saying he must be very comfortable to even bother to knock on my door to ask for the hand of any of my daughters.

For all those reading this and firing curses at me, stop leaving in self-denial and self-pity; poverty is a choice. By marrying my husband, I took a decision to live with it despite the fact that I did so based on my expectations that things would change for the better. Nothing has changed, and we now find ourselves struggling to eat the mandatory three square meals a day.

Well, in a matter of days, my first daughter will be through with her NYSC, and I can see that she has not taking after her mother. At least the little she has told me about the guy she has been dating is tantalizing enough to my ears.

Mind you, I am not a gold digger—I just want the best for my daughters…

Different strokes for different folks; that is Theresa’s view about marriage, it really doesn’t reflect the views every mother out there. The truth is that every woman wants the best for her child.