I’ve never for once stop wondering about how Nigerians have in one night turned to awoof craving people. Everywhere I go, I see the love of awoof in the eyes of everyone I meet. Whenever the name awoof is mentioned, everyone around looks happy.

An average Nigerian is quick to assume that anything that appears not to be tightly controlled is free. Therefore, they quickly exploit it to the peak. We often refuse to be kind with other people’s property which is not under close monitoring. We usually believe that we shouldn’t let go of anything free even if it’s of no use to us.

It reminds me of a time that a colleague asked if I had air time on my phone. I kindly handed the phone over to him thinking that he had an important call to make. He went out to make the call for several minutes. On getting back to the office, he handed the phone over to me. When I wanted to make a call, I was alerted that my account was insufficient. I just loaded a sum of 1,500 naira credit so I quickly checked if I had dialled a number unknowingly. To my surprise, I saw a lot of unknown dialled numbers. I knew it was my colleague. He took the advantage of my absence and exhausted all my credit. If I was there with him, he wouldn’t have done that.

I see this act as greed. Some women, after eating good food at parties, still sneak food out for their dinners at home. They do that because they believe the food is excessive.  And they will later end up throwing away the food at home. That is nothing but greed.

Some men also who are not habitual drinkers of alcohol become drunk at parties for no other reason than “awoof”. They are not paying for these drinks so they should enjoy it why it lasts. Why?

When you decide to take a girl out in this Nigeria, you must be prepared to drain your account because she won’t come alone. She would come with her friends and you won’t have choice. The fishy thing about it is that, the girl you take out won’t order for much but her friends will order to a fault. They would even ask to take home for their other friends. This is because they believe every guy who decides to treat them well is a maga. Why?

When etisalat introduced their monthly percentage upon credit loaded, Nigerians rushed at it. Glo came with lower tariff plans, Nigerians switched. Airtel came up with a credit loan plan, Nigerians diverted. MTN introduced magic number, Nigerians grabbed the offer. Now, they’ve seen all the weak sides of these tariffs. You know what Nigerians did? They got all the lines. People now have different lines that you won’t even know which one to save. Instead you save it with something like (Tolu Glo, Tolu Eti, Sola Zain etc). Some will even have different lines from the same network but, with different tariffs despite that they have just one cell phone. They put their callers into trouble of calling all the lines till one goes through. Why?

Let us make life easier for ourselves in Nigeria. You can’t earn a living by awoof. Let us all focus on hard work and forget any chances of awoof. Remember the general saying that “awoof dey run belle”. Be guided.

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