I wrote an article once about doctors trying to do more to help human lives and save a soul but Sadly am still coming across stories written by people who are in pain or deeply affected as they have experienced such a tragic incident before.
What still baffles me the most especially in Nigeria is how majority of our medical practitioners have no respect for human life at all. Honestly speaking, My heart bleeds profusely when I read heart breaking stories about lives that were lost due to hospital staffs enforcing one payment policy over their primary duty as medical practitioners – “saving lives”. In Nigeria of today, Most hospitals have now taken this issue of payment before treatment as an imperative for patients to comply with, completely refusing to provide any medical care and even neglecting those in emergency situations. It’s not a joke.
Seriously, how on earth will doctors and nurses who are trained to save lives and help people neglect such patients at the point of death. It is just unethical! Every medical doctor in the world once swore an oath to always provide help when necessary, especially in a situation of life and death, but our doctors have instead ignored that oath and opted to provide medical assistance only when a certain payment has been deposited. Again it’s just unethical!
Please don’t get me wrong but I truly feel that we as a people can generally do more to help a dying person especially doctors and nurses who have taken oaths .
On the other hand, because these medical staffs have been gathering a lot of work experience right from their school days, it has overtime led to most of them handling emergency situations reluctantly. It’s not a new thing for most of them to see a patient almost on the verge of dying or even witnessing the death of another. It’s more or less part of the job description as a medical practitioner. But regardless it’s still no excuse. What hurts people the most is the nonchalant attitude they portray to their patients especially when it’s more of a commoner seeking for help.
It shouldn’t be so. Doctors are supposed to be the most caring people on the planet, they should be selfless in their attitude, getting ready to leave their families at late hours just to save a life.
Doctors are naturally supposed to be a source of hope to any patient suffering from an illness or a condition, graciously coming to the rescue of that patients life without the patient typically calling to God for help in most situations. They are supposed to be our healers.
But in Nigeria, it’s the direct opposite. I myself I’ve witnessed a situation whereby a patient was on a sick bed for more than 3days without receiving any medical attention simply because the doctors were on SRTIKE.
Am so tired of hearing the unjust policy of not treating patients especially when they don’t have the financial means of paying the bills , but honestly speaking how will feel if your loved one was the one in that situation and you found out the doctor could have done something to save his/her life, but instead didn’t take any action because of some insane hospital polices. I’m finding it hard to believe that some hospitals enforce policies like:
1. They cant start treatment of a person in who is in distress or is very sick because no down payment as been paid.
2. A victim of a stab wound won’t be attested too until the full story of how the patient was stabbed has been addressed. Imagine! Since when did doctors become police officials such that they’ve started requesting patients to write statements.
3. No point going to the hospital if it’s a gunshot wound even though you are the victim unless you have a police report. So unfortunate ! Maybe better to just ask for your death certificate.
4. No adequate monitoring of a pregnant woman in labour until she can’t even ask for help anymore
5. There’s no bed space!
6. The worst of it all, they are on strike.
What can be done.
1. Hospitals officials should be properly monitored
Yes honestly I personal believe its start. From holding people accountable for their actions and not doing the right thing when it’s supposed to be done. Overseas, we have situations where doctors loose their license to practice simply because of one medical error that costed a life.
2. Adequate funding by the Government (state or federal)
Under no circumstance should the doctors and nurses be owed their salary or allowances. They should be properly compensated and be financially taken care of too by the government. The truth is they themselves want to be valued as doctors and healers of the world and when they are undervalued as such they no longer put professionalism into what they do.
Should have an in house investigation department to monitor and access the approach and ways the doctors and nurses attend to people
hospitals staff should be held accountable also for negligence or course of action if not
Gosh am surprised about lawyers complaining about no job or work when you should be out there helping to fight for justice and making sure our laws and regulations are well looked after
My conclusion.
Why on earth do we settle for less. We are quick to say awww it’s Gods wish that’s why we lost that person but God knows that we as a people just didn’t do anything to help our fellow person
Imagine if we had or started a petition online, writing about hospitals and their staffs portraying their nonchalant attitude towards human life or if we can get the right people to sign petitions and get it to them right authorities, I for one will believe our medical system can be saved.
I know it’s easier said than done but until we start holding people to accountable for their actions Nigeria will still remain a lost country
The end!.