Naked Pains Of Abused Women

Our society is beset with tales of woes concerning how women are daily being abused and deprived of their right to quality and peaceful existence. The “Naked Pains Of Abused Women” seek to not only draw attention to the plight of women across the world, but to seek an enduring and a permanent solution to the pains and sufferings being suffered by them.

Abuse in our society is overwhelming and can only be dealt with through effective deterrence, education and a legal process that does not give room to any form of human battery. Violence against women in our society is a problem which should be everyone’s concern.

Although victims of violence come in different shapes, including, colour, creed and sex; of great concern is the battered wife who lives in perpetual fear. The disturbing fact is that women in our society are traditionally discriminated against in several areas including, but not limited to; economics, education, science, labour, and law.

How many times have we been told and taught that killing is wrong and immoral; but, are we told how to cope with torture and abuse? Are we told to endure pain, only to be beaten again? Our courts, media, legislatures, and politicians have within their power the ability to send powerful messages to the citizens of this nation. Combined efforts from each of these mediums are required to educate those in need, and to deter those who abuse.

A battered (abused) woman is defined as “a woman who is repeatedly subjected to any forceful physical or psychological behaviour by a man in order to coerce her to do something he wants her to do without any concern for her rights.”

In addition, battered women include not only wives, but also any woman in any type of relationship with a man.

In drawing attention to their plights, sufferings and emotional plights, we will focus on those touchy, but true stories that expose the evil of mankind towards women all over the world. The essence, of course, is not to evoke passion, but to fight a cause, which we believe is just and worth every pint of blood flowing through our veins.

Finally, we shall be able to draw inspiration from women who have been able to through, their doggedness, and sheer bravery weather all storms—and in the face of mounting opposition come out successful.

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May God continue to guide and protect us as we go through this awesome journey called LIFE.

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