Dear ID readers,

Whenever I narrate my story to people, they usually think I’m gisting them about some kind of movies I’ve seen. My story sounds too much to be real but it’s certainly real.

I am from a polygamous family. My mother was the last wife of my father so, I am the last born of the family. Not only that, I am the only child of my late mother.

My mother died when I was six years old so I didn’t know much about her. The things I know about my mother are those things I heard from my step mother who I lived with. My father didn’t live with us. He always comes over some weekends but, he doesn’t relate with us except my stepmother. Whenever my stepmother reports me to him about things that I didn’t do, he always beat me like a slave.

Part of the interesting stories that my stepmother told me about my mother was that my mother was a witch.

She always told me on several occasions that I was also a witch. I used to think that witchcraft was hereditary so I believed. At times she will beat me with broom and claim that she wanted to cast the witchcraft out of me.

So I lived all my life thinking that I may also end up like my mother and I prayed to God in silent to help me out.

I later gained admission into a secondary school in  Osun state  last year. I’ve always been the type that keeps to myself a lot. It was because I was scared of people getting close to me. But, out of everything one could avoid, one can’t avoid friends. Even if it’s a single one.

I ended up having a friend. We became suddenly close that I knew almost all her stories. I felt that it was unnecessary for me to hide myself from her any longer. I told her all I am facing in my stepmother’s hands and also told her about my mother’s issue of witchcraft and all.

At first, she said I was narrating a film to her. But, when she saw the sincerity in my eyes, she believed. She told me not to worry that everything will be alright so I believed in her.

Before I knew what was happening, my story was the talk of the school. I never knew that my friend’s mouth leaks and I will regret confiding in her till my dying day. In no time, I became popular in the school and it got to the school authority. They had to summon my stepmother and asked her for details about me.

You won’t want to believe that she told them that I was really a witch and that they’ve been trying their best for me in the family. She said that before my eyes and I busted into tears. The school then concluded that they take me back home and do deliverance for me. They said I could not continue coming to school because I will be creating fear in students which can blackmail the school. That was how I quit school and ended up working for her at home.

I Thought i should share my story with people .I really dont know what to do anymore.