My Shameless Mother In-Law Wants To Seduce Me!

I may have spent 14 years outside the shores of Nigeria, but that doesn’t mean I have lost my ability to reason and act like a cultured and decent human being. No matter how young and attractive my mother in-law or any woman for that matter looks like; I have high morals that cannot be compromised over a 10 or 20 minutes pleasure.

The African tradition has made it mandatory or shall I say necessary to pay visits and familiarise yourself to your would be in-law; and that was exactly what I thought I was doing when I had to visit Abigail’s family a couple of times before we got married. I visited her family so much that I almost fell into the seductive trap of not just my mother in-law, but one of her sisters as well. That of her sister is no more an issue since it has been made clear over and over again that it was a mistake; and true it was a mistake. Nonetheless, my mother in-law whom I hold or shall I say held in high regard is making a big mess of womanhood.

My wife and I live not quite far from where her family lives, and this means we get to see very often. Sometimes I have had to offer rides to some members of Abigail’s family; which goes to show how often we meet. The most annoying part of living very close to your in-laws is when a member of the family keeps doing some embarrassing things intentionally. My mother in-law visits my house almost everyday; and especially when my wife is out or not yet back from work.

She had now taken her regular visits to a new height entirely. She now spends endless hours in our living sitting room watching those embarrassing Nigerian Nollywood movies. The worse part of it is that she deliberately opens her legs wide sometimes especially when I am sitting opposite direction. Things have even turned for the worse now as she sometimes uses the bathroom before living. She comes into the bedroom under the flimsy excuse of coming to use the mirror and other cosmetics. How can a responsible mother of three grownup ladies be walking between the living room and my bedroom almost naked if she doesn’t have anything in mind?

It is so strange that she doesn’t seem to act this way whenever her daughter is around. It is incredible how she behaves contrary to what I have known her for recently whenever my wife is around. She is so mature and holy whenever Abigail is at home; and this makes it even more difficult to talk to my wife about it. The last time I tried raising the issue with my wife, her countenance didn’t look funny at all; and I had to change the subject.

Though, she is 60, but really doesn’t look like a woman who is up to 45 in age and a widow; that is not an excuse for her to live the kind of life she is living. Every time she comes, it is a different story; and things are not getting any better between the two of us. The last time she came to my house and started acting funny and irresponsibly, I simply asked her to sit properly; and all she could do was look at me and smiled.

Now I don’t even know what to do because it is almost impossible to ask her to stop coming to my house. The kind of job I do allow me to get home before my wife and that is one of the biggest headaches I have.

What should I do?