“Tracy, that girl use jazz (voodoo) for your husband oh. I say if you see bunch of banknotes wey your husband pack give this igbo girl.”

Anita still haven’t learned how to break a heart shattering news. Matter-of-factly, it is her aim that you feel perturbed after she’s done talking.

I felt my tempo throbbed, and I swiftly as it was, my visage had changed from default settings.

I am a very compulsive woman, I have to give myself that credit. Although I hold a diploma in criminology, but I didn’t care about the certificate after school, I’d pursued business and I manage my very own large female wear boutique in Ibadan.

Anita brought this heartbreaking news last Friday. I did my best to remain stoic and wait for my husband to come home, but frankly, I could not bear the excruciating distress took over me, it has never occurred to me that Segun was promiscuous.

When you have Anita as a friend, be ready for gingering every single minute, the girl mouth too sharp.

“Are you just going to wait for your husband? I traced the girl, come make we go show am pepper.”

The devil in me activated with horned wickedness. I began to scramble my mind for any bad object I can take along to meet this daughter of a bitch. I asked Anita to wait for me as I rush out to get a new razor blade. I’ve heard people designing people with that object, but I’ve never even thought of hurting another human up till now.

Maybe we never know how wicked we can be until our greatest treasure has been tempered with. Just like a hen would run away when you try attacking it but will attack you the moment you tough her chicks. Even the bible made emphasis on the wicked heart of man. The wickedness is there, it just needs activation.

I told my 5 workers to go home, I didn’t know why but I had to luck up and zoomed in my car together with Anita to the said area she she’d traced the lady to.

It was even a very dilapidated neighborhood, I didn’t believe Segun could stoop so low. we walked the street down to almost the ending part of it; I had to park the car, if I’d entered with it, it might have to go to the mechanic the next day, the street was hell bad. Segun had never been that stupid, this could only really be the handwork of charm.

We got to the house Anita had traced the girl to, a small girl was running out with an old wrapper in her left hand and a big hand bag that was obviously not hers. The girl could only be about 8.

“Hello kid, how are you?” I sounded well enough like a sweet aunty masking my burning fury

“Good afternoon, ma’am.” She said, obviously lost to whom she was talking to expecting that I get on to what i was looking for.

Anita took it from there, “please oh, we’re looking for one girl, we don’t know her name, she’s tall, slim and fair. As at yesterday she was having a Ghana weaving on and she wore a short milk gown yesterday, and we think she lives here.

“It’s my sister, ma’am.” Poor girl

“Please, where is she? It’s urgent.” I can’t believe the urge I had to design someone’s face with a blade.

“She left to the hospital to meet my mommy.” She young girl said. “That’s where I’m going,” she added.

“Ok, take us there.” I said as we walked down the street. I’d asked the girl that we go in my car, but she blunty refused and asked that I followed the motorcycle she was going to take there. Strictly.

Who cares? So long my mission was accoplised, no problem.

The girl was inside the ward her mom was admitted in the hospital, I didn’t care what was wrong, my mind was so locked on turning her face to a rough design. I sat in a corner as the little girl already told us she was going to come out soon.

In no time, I saw the little girl and the said prostitute coming towards me, I couldn’t even wait, I just stood up and started walking towards them. But she was stopped short on the way by a nurse as I faltered my steps and patiently was waiting for the nurse to get done. I reached in my bag for the razor cut.

If I’d taken note I’d see the little girl was walking towards me, but I didn’t, I was so ready to design. She came to me. My demeanor told her my intended actions, my countenance was filled with fury and my hands held on so tight to the razor.

“You want to slice my sister with that?” The voice was tender with a hint of perturbation. “What did she do to you?” I saw tears gather.

I expected that she’d run to her sister to tell her so I began to walk towards where she was talking to the nurse. But she little girl did not follow. With tears she said. “She’s our only hope, don’t do anything bad to her.”

I stop short, I have this soft spot for little girls Sha. But I still wanted to go complete my mission, Anita was waiting at the corner we sat.

“If anything bad happen to her my mother will die too.”

Here my sense began to come back from vacation. Like a factory reset.

“Don’t do anything to my sister. She’s a good person.” The tears had covered her face.

I had to walk back to her. “Your sister pretend to be good, she’s a bad girl,” I said with my teeth gnashed together.

“Please leave her alone, she’s our only hope, if she’s not here we can’t eat, my brother in school will not go to school, my mother can’t afford the hospital bills.” How the little girl passionately stated the importance of her big sister struck my conscience.

“Where’s your dad?” Imagine the question I asked.

“Dead!” Bluntly. I think felt water around my eyes at this point. Wow, shit happens.

“Do you know how your sister get money?” I asked, rather subdued.

To my surprise the little girl was aware. I kept my razor back in my bag, I could not bring myself to use it anymore. I further asked the little gril why her sister didn’t take jobs, but another story hit me, she’d taken jobs but had been sexusexu assaulted several times.

I was done with the little girl, I went to her sister and warned her never to come close to my family again. My compulsiveness came back, I handled the situation calmly and left quietly as well. I believed the little girl would tell her my initial mission.

The other week I offered her a job at the boutique with plans to teach her business. I can’t why I did that, but somehow, a passionate heart will understand.

Not every runs babe, (prostitute) are what they are because they’re wayward, of course many of us know that. Situations have turned saints to sinners. Do not judge people, we cannot tell what actually turned the compass of their destiny or how life have really delt with them.

Taking a bad flag is not the best for you whom life have thrown to the ground. Find God. strive. Endure. persevere. fight. Do not let life defeat you by leaving you with no choice but to take bad steps, defeat life with your stubbornness. Life is interested in stubborn people, once it can’t defeat them, it begins to render help.

You rock!