Hi readers, I got this from the Facebook page of Esther Ijewere-Kalejaiye, and I thought I shared it with you. The story is a very touchy one, and one that deserves to be brought to the knowledge of every well-meaning Nigerians. Please read and offer tips or advice to the person who sent the message to Esther.

By the way, Esther is the coordinator of the “Walk Against Rape,” a human right group fighting against the abuse of women in Nigeria.

Please I need help, before I do the undo able, i have two kids for my Husby, we got married in 2011 , i was 22 years and he lied that he was 32 meanwhile he was 39. We did introduction and engagement, we were supposed to have go to the registry, which never happened, he claimed that I wanted to tie him down, after I had my 1st son, he never contributed to anything in d house wen I complain, I get beaten at times he would tie me up like an animal with his belts, tie my two hands and legs.

I wanted to leave then in 2013, but my family and friends said I should endure, and I should also consider wat people would say. His family hated me so much for reasons I don’t know, I am a christian and he is a Muslim, i got pregnant for my 2nd child, I beg him to even have sex wit me, we could stay for months without any contact , I had to calculate my ovulation to beg him for sex, when he noticed I got pregnant, he beats me at every slightest opportunity. His family never wanted to see me, immediately I put to bed, he didn’t pay for my bills, my mum came over and paid, his excuse was dat he was punishing me for what I don’t know.

After my baby was 1yr, he started acting all nice and good, i was wondering if he had turned a new leaf but we never slept in d same room. Then I started having nightmares that people were looking for me, he called me one day at work, cos he works in a bank that I shouldn’t look 4 him, that I should take care of d kids, I called his family to tell them what he said, they didn’t sound surprised at wat I said, after 3 days. On a Sunday morning someone was knocking the door at 6 am, I was wondering maybe he was the one, then I found out that police had surrounded the whole compound, they arrested me and the kids that my husband defrauded the bank.

I wasn’t working at that time because he had told my former employer to please sack me because he wants me to face my family. On the day of the arrest I called his family and told them I have been arrested, they never came and never called me, my mum bailed me and the kids. On getting home I found out that he had used a ladder to climb into our flat at the last floor of 3 storey building, he packed his cloths and documents and his car away. After few weeks he called me that all his account has been blocked that he needed money to come back home, that he would send someone to me when I get to my mums shop. Little did I know that he wanted to monitor me out of the house, he came to the house after I had left packed his remaining cloths. I knew sumone entered the house immediately I got back. I asked the security in the house, he said my hubby came to the house.i had to throw all the food I had away cos I don’t know Wat was on his mind. I still stayed in the house, for 2 months.

Our rent was due at that time and our last rent was paid by my step dad. One fateful day I decided to enter his room, i was looking for something then I opened his second wardrobe and found some fetish things with my name on it.i called pastors and they prayed for days and I was told that he wanted to do money ritual, but because of watt has happened in his office, he couldn’t complete it on time. That was the day I left his house with my things to my mums house.i was in my mums house for a month, when my step dad woke up at 11pm and told he didn’t want to see me in his house, and threw my things out of his house, i slept outside with the 2kids that night, thinking I would have no choice than to go back to my hubby.i had no where to go.my uncle invited me to come and stay at his place for sometime in ajao estate, on that same day I got a job. I have to drop d kids at skool in ilasamaja from ajao estate and start going to work.

I spend too much on transportation and staying with my uncle and his family is not really convenient. Now, my hubby goes to the kids skool to see them there, I paid d skool fee, i feed them and cater for their needs. Please I don’t know Wat to do, it looks like I have nobody.at times I feel like standing in front of an oncoming vehicle or drop d kids I an orphanage. Please advise me on wat to do.

Sorry about the typo, I just had to copy and paste the story the exact way (though, I had to do the spacing and paragraphing myself so that you can read through easily).

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