rocky rel 3Dear Readers: My boyfriend now wants to get my cookies, should I give in?

I’ve been seeing this guy for about seven months now, when we started dating; he came to me like a real nice guy, who didn’t seem to want what the other guys wanted. I began to respect him even more, and thought I had found the one. Four months down, I began to notice him look at me in some certain way, and I begun to feel a little uncomfortable, as I suspected what was on the way. And finally in the seventh month of our relationship, he began to pressure me into letting him in, which I have been declining to do seeing that I am still a virgin. The problem is that I love him so much, and don’t want to lose him. Apart from what he is demanding, he has an excellent personality. Also I’m really starting to think that is just their genetic makeup and they are all like that.

So please should I give in?