My best friend travelled out of the country since 2012, leaving behind his beautiful and charming young wife. They got married in 2011, but Dare (my best friend) was working on his travelling plans before the wedding. So it was easy for him to convince his charming wife about his plans to travel. Anyway that’s not why you are reading this.
To be honest, the wife has really tried in terms of being faithful to my friend; at least the little I know. However, it seems she is gradually loosing it as human nature starts settling in. I feel for her the way she complains about being lonely and the huge void left behind by her husband; but there is no way I can help her out.
She has now taking it to another level as she is now fond of resting her head on my shoulder while crying. The problem is that I can’t stop going to her house to visit her because the last time I tried to, she complained bitterly and complained to my best friend. In such a situation, what do you do? Do you start telling your friend that his wife has started making passes at you or is tempting you?
Sometimes she would come to my house and sit on the sofa with her legs wide open, and at other times she would come to where I was sitting down and lay her head on my laps. Whenever I tried moving away from her, she would ask me if I was not a man. She would say: “are you not a man; after all you are not married?
She asked me to sleep with her or someone else would do it in the next few weeks and nothing will happen! Bombshell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She will pin me down on the bed sometimes, kiss me, and try to unzip me—I think she has reached boiling point, and I blame my friend for this. I blame Dare for what is happening to his wife because I warned him and a lot of elders warned him too.
Well, I told her to go get it done somewhere because I wasn’t going to be a part of it; but my conscience is dealing heavily with me at the moment. I am torn in between granting her desires and staying loyal to my best friend. How can I sleep with Dare’s wife for whatever reason?