My son came from school the other day and told me he just found the love of his life. I mean, he’s 16, how do you react to such shocking news?

First of all, there is something you must look at before you consider how I reacted to the situation; it was how he had the guts to even voice a thing as such to me, his mom.

This is Nigeria not a Western country, there has to be a ticket that led him to telling me such things. I, myself had a boyfriend at the age of 19, I don’t know how bad that is, but I know the day my mom and dad finds out, I was doomed as hell.

You’d understand much better if you’re a Nigerian, our mom and dad think it’s better to come last in the class than get into a premature relationship. As a matter of fact, some break into tears because they feel a great disappointment.

My son and I have had a great relationship, I’ve somehow made it so easy for him to tell me the deepest of his secrets. I’ve tried my best to correct his wrong hidden deeds without scaring him into his shell where he might began to keep things to himself.

How do I reacted to this one?

It was a sensitive matter. I flared up inside of me and melted my anger inside inscrutably as I used to do. I inhaled and let my cool find it’s usual place in my emotions, and I forced a smile. “That’s interesting,” was the only thing I’d convinced myself to say so I could hold on for the rest of the gist.

He went further to tell me he’d never felt so happy in his life before.


I’ve never even made him half as happy as a girl he just met in school made him. What a heart break.

I was yet to find a proper reply before a question hit my heart to ask him. “How long have you been eyeing your love?” I knew my smile was already fading at this point

“Just two months,” he said and went further to say he’d like me to meet the love of his life, too. I was curious.

I didn’t want to ruin the relationship between me and my son, there had to be a way to go about it. And yes, I asked him if he could invite her over. He said yes, but he’d need money to buy some stuff.

I had to laugh when he said he’d need, money. Only if this boy knew how angry I was. I asked him how much he needed, it wasn’t much, so I gave him the money. He promised to return from school with his love the next day.

I knew my son was a good boy, at least, in his innocence, he tries to be good. But of course, he was 16 already, and things must really start to change for him emotionally. As a mother, it was my duty to know when to metamorphose with him and not treat him like I used to. I’ve had it in mind to hear their goals for such a relationship at that tender age and see how I could talk sense into them with the help of Jesus.

I’ve seen a lot, at this age, your cute son/daughter might just slip out of your arms like that pressing the wrong buttons of life, and most of the time, you can do absolutely nothing about it. It is Jesus that I hope to talk to about the issue.

This was terribly a horror for me as a mother, I don’t know how you might see it.

The next day, with all that was churning in my system, I prepared his favorite. I had decided to treat the issue as mature as possible. I set the table at 2:00p.m. as it was the time he retired from school, and as untimely as it was, his Dad came home and saw the setting. I first thought it was a bad idea that he’d returned home in an usual time, but my mind settled to believe Jesus had made it like this.

He asked me what the celebration was, and I told him our son was bringing someone home. He couldn’t help but laugh and said he was going to enjoy the movie.

Joel returned a few minutes after 2. He was smiling all over, I couldn’t see anyone with him, I was quite confused as I looked around for some girl that must have followed him home, but none. I kept my cool and asked for the guest we were expecting.

His hands were behind him, but I was sure the girl couldn’t be that small to stay completely behind him. He brought something wrapped like a present and stretched it out to me. His dad was watching.

I unwrapped the object, and lo, it was a magnificent painting of our Lord Jesus Christ. He smiled and said. “Mom, he love me too much, He’s done more for me that I can even imagine.”

I couldn’t help it, I broke into tears.

His dad just kept quiet. He was astounded. I hugged my son so tight I didn’t want to let go. He told me for two months he’d dedicated himself to reading the account of Jesus Christ and he’d fall completely in love with Him. I was only grateful to God.

I hope you got the lesson.


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