Mum This Time I am Going To Tell Dad That I Caught You In An Hotel With A Man

While growing up as a little child, one of the things that made me very proud was the love that exists between my parents. It made us (my brothers and I), proud and we were always bragging about it to our friends at school. My parents loved each other so much that neighbours were always using them as reference when talking about successful marriages. However, things started changing between both of them when dad lost his job as one of the top managers in an oil company in Lagos.

Mum no longer loved and treated dad the way she used to after the turn of events. Mum stopped being the loving wife that she was, and no longer had respect for my dad. It was obvious from mum’s sudden change of attitude that dad’s change in fortune was responsible. Dad obviously had to cut down on his expenses in order to reflect his current status, and that didn’t go down well with mum.

We were moved from an international school to a not too expensive private one, but war almost broke out at home before mum conceded to dad’s decision. We stopped going on vacation outside the country as we used to as dad was making plans to go into a private business of his own. However, things didn’t work as dad planned because the money he invested in business didn’t yield the kind of profit he wanted, so it meant more tightening of belt.

My brothers and I endured things, but it was a different story with mum as she would nag my dad at every given opportunity. She never gave the man a bit of rest, and this affected the peace we used to enjoy in the family. Dad granted every of mum’s wish while things were ok, so she was already used to living a flamboyant lifestyle; but she was also adding infidelity to her cruelty towards him.

The first time I caught mum coming out of a hotel, though she was alone, the fact that she went there in the first place caught me off balance. When I confronted her, she slapped me and got really mad at me for thinking of her as a woman who would cheat on her husband. I felt bad because the hotel in question has a reputation for things like that. She didn’t ask me not to tell dad, but warned me not to ruin her marriage and our ‘happy home’ with my lose mouth.

I didn’t know what to say or do because I didn’t see her with any man, but I was bothered still. However, the last one that happened left me in no doubt that mum was messing dad up with her carefree lifestyle.

This time around I caught her coming out from a different hotel with a man whom I have been suspecting for a while now. I have been seeing that man around my mother for a while now, and seeing both of them coming out of a hotel hand in hand one evening all but confirmed my fear.

Now I am not going to keep this to myself as I intend to discuss it with my brothers before deciding whether or not to tell my dad.

Do you think I should tell it to my dad because it is really hurting me?