Mama mama, I shouted with tears running down my cheeks just to realize that it was all a dream, a dream that I didn’t want to wake up from. I could feel you so close like right now, in my head i think of what would have been if only  God didn’t cast you in deep sleep.

My mother is all a mother could be, she could do no wrong, she carried me for 270 days, even if she yelled at me she still loved me, whenever i was wrong she would put me right, words only cannot explain your worth to me.

I could remember the days when i came back from school into your warm embrace,already made meals that only a mother can make, oh I wish I could turn back the hands of time, I wish I had told you how much you mean to me, I wish you could see what I have become today, I wish my wish to see you once again could be granted even for just a day, an hour or a minute.

I have a million things to say to you mama, but knowing how life is, all my wishes are blown away by the harsh wind of reality that I can’t see you again. Never the less I would still keep on keeping on, because I know if you were here you would want me to keep move on.