One thing leads to another, and before we know it, we’re lost in the crowd of several “what ifs”, the initial plan becomes a word once said and not acted upon.

My name is Simi, I’m about to tell you a story I’ve heard from myself about a hundred times and I’ve told just two persons, my Mom and my best friend. Every time this story sweeps through me, the feeling of nostalgia, ruefulness, regret and self torment grip me and tell me how stupid I have been and might even be more and more until I understand patience in it’s pragmatic term and not just verbal.

Quit frankly, I loved Jide—I mean, everyone knew that for a fact. We were always seen together or something like that. He was the dreamer who didn’t fear his dreams could just be a nightmare. Jide was a young electrician that repaired all bad electronics in our area. He was sought for because he was so good at what he does.

We found ourselves when I was desperately fighting for admission, he was first a friend then became a boyfriend after a lot wooing he did. He was handsome, he had curly hair that made him look so attractive to a lot of lasses.

I was careful, I thought he was a flirt bexbeca the systematic way he wooed me, so I was wary and always expected that it would end someday. But as the days went by, I realized how true he was to his words. He showed me off in spite of his numberless admirers and seemed to trust me so well he never got angry when he saw me with a guy or if he did got angry, it never showed in his expression.

We were almost like the best two in town, everyone admired and envied. Every new romantic song seemed to talk about us. I was the luckiest of girls then.

Although Jide did earned money from his handwork, but it wasn’t the kind of money that would help one in school. He could only do much with survival so I never disturbed him for anything.

It was hard for me as my parents could give little and the little I had saved from the sales I made from selling lady’s second hand shoes. The money was still a lot more I didn’t have to fund my medical doctor studies.

But one day, there was a blast in our transformer and so many electrical appliances were damaged. As expected, Jide had so many customers, and he made a lot of money that period. I must confess that I expected that he would give me money for school, and yes, he paid for all that was remaining and I took off to School after several promises we made to ourselves.

More time than I can remember, Jide enticed me with his dream of making his own original electrical device and selling it in China then making a lot of money from it, and I believed in him.

But time is a factor that tells on what ever attitude we have, or what ever thing that we do. “The test of time” hit me so hard and I began to loose faith in Jide. Each time I visited town, he was the same person. I changed, I advanced in my thoughts, but he was same person with same proclamation of same dream. Everything about him was boring and remote. Love became pity. I began to develop interest in a campus guy who had been wooing me for quite a while.

A time came, I could no longer stand it, I told Jide I was tired. Although he was hurt but his reactions were unexpected. He expected I would get tired of the relationship and he told me he understood the situation and that I’ve done more than he expected, I was a good girl and anyone in my shoes would have the same approach. If he was already doubting his dreams he didn’t see any reason why I would still believe in it.

But as fate would have it, he had visitors from China the following week.


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