“Failure is the key to success; each mistake teaches us something,”—Morihei Ueshiba.

There is never an end to learning. We learn a new thing each day. The only man who will never learn or admit that he learns a new thing every day of his life is that one who has crossed to the beyond or too full of himself and thinks he has already arrived.

As a leader, you can only continue to be relevant and offer true leadership to your followers when you learn new things daily. Failure to adapt to changes and developments around you could cost you your leadership. Remember that it is difficult getting to the pinnacle of success, but even more difficult to remain at the top. The competition out there is stiff, and mutiny is easy among your followers when you feel you know it all and stop listening or learning new things even from the least of people around you.

Get a grip of yourself and be in tune with happenings around you every day—that’s the way to go as far as true and sincere leaders are concerned. Above all things, keep your eyes open to see new things, and keep your ears close to the ground.