It Started As A Rumour, But Could It Be True?

Dear readers, have you ever sat in a bar where a group of guys sat down and the only thing they were talking about was about your someone I knew very well. Well that was exactly what happened that night at my favourite bar at the Island.

It started as a rumour, but what those guys who didn’t know the person they were talking about was my wife were talking about took me by surprise. They were actually talking about a woman who lived in xxx place, which coincidentally is the same place I live in. The woman in question is an airhostess who works in a famous airline, and is dating a rich politician. Can you beat that? The description is not in any way different from wife, and you can imagine the cold sweat that ran through my skin that night as they laughed and made fun of how she screams and moan in bed when the politician is making love with her.

Quietly I went home that evening trying to ignore what I heard at the bar, but the thought of it kept coming up. Being an airhostess, my wife was not supposed to be at home that night, and that made matters even worse because I was engulfed with the flame of jealousy that was threatening to consume the whole of me.

Two days later, she came back home and I just didn’t know how to approach her to discuss the things I heard that night. Yet I was not at peace within me as my suspicion grew by the day. She didn’t help matters too as she started locking her BBM, which was quite unlike her.

Dear readers, you won’t believe if I told you that just as I was heading back from work one night, I saw a car drop my wife off a few metres away from my house. I decided to slow down a bit the moment I discovered the lady coming out of the car was my wife. I found it funny that the car decided to drop her off some metres away from my house and not in front of the gate. Could it be that something funny was actually happening?

Soon afterwards, I drove into our apartment and parked my car, and that was as my wife was about opening the door to the duplex. She was shocked at seeing me, and asked if I saw her as she walked home. I said no, and that was one of very few times I had lied to my wife. I lied to her because I wanted to know if she would tell me about the jeep that dropped her off, but she didn’t. Instead she told me she picked a bike (Okada) from the bus stop, and only just got down in front of the gate few minutes before I drove in. I almost yelled the moment she said that because I knew she was lying.

It started as a rumour, but the truth of the matter is that she is now beginning to act strange, and I have a strong feeling that she is cheating on me. I have discovered that she spends days in God knows where when in fact she should be at work.

Though, I expressed reservation about her work just before we got married, we eventually agreed that she won’t stop working as an airhostess. I want her to quit the job, but she keeps reminding me of what I promised her before we got married. She also wants to know why I want her to stop, and when I come up with some funny excuses, she just ignores me.

I don’t have enough proofs yet, but the thought of another man sleeping with my wife just drives me crazy.

What should I do now?