Many people have found love in churches and other religious institutions. When you go to churches today, you will probably find a lot of spinsters and bachelors looking for bone of their bones and flesh of their flesh. Now this is based on an age-long belief that the church is the best place to find true love. However, some people have learned their lessons the hard way by getting their fingers burnt. With all manners of people attending churches for reasons other than the primary ones; it has become even more difficult to know who is a true marriage material.

The question of the day is: is the church still the best place to find a wife/husband? Are God-fearing ladies still available in our worship centres? Is it safer to get married to a lady in the church than anyone else outside the church?

Not quite long ago on this blog, someone sent in a mail where he narrated all he is going through for trusting and marrying a sister he thought was God-fearing in the church. According to that story, his decision to trust the lady was the wrong one, and now he has a lot of regrets.

So is the church still the best place to find a wife or husband?