Some people believe that if your partner is not jealous at least when he or she sees you with someone of the opposite sex, then he or she doesn’t love you that much. In other words, jealousy is a sign that your partner truly loves you. Does it mean that your partner doesn’t love you if he or she is not jealous or doesn’t show any sign of jealousy when you are with an opposite sex.

Although it will be completely abnormal to always be jealous when one sees his or her partner with the opposite sex all the time; on the contrary it will be abnormal not to feel a sign of jealousy. So is jealousy a sign of true love in a relationship? Is jealousy a true sign that one love his partner and doesn’t want to lose her to the other man?

Even playboys are allowed to be jealous once in a while; but is that a measure of true love? Will it foster a healthy relationship between people in a relationship? How do you handle jealousy, especially when you have a clear conscience and not actually indulging in any act that might ruin your relationship?