Is It Right To Marry A Woman You Don’t Love Because She Is Pregnant For You?

Some marriages have crashed simply because couples do not love each other from the start. This could be due to different reasons, especially when a guy was forced to marry a lady because she got pregnant during the course of the relationship. This is common to most Africans as parents hurriedly arrange weddings to join both parties in order to avoid a situation where the lady gives birth out of wedlock.

Parents who do not want their daughters to put to birth out of wedlock arrange a quick wedding between a man and a woman without making the necessary findings if love actually exists between the couple. This like I said earlier has led to breakups; though not in all cases.

Is it right to marry a woman you don’t love because she is pregnant for you? Will such a marriage lasts the test of time? Can you endure living the rest of your life with someone you don’t have any feelings for? How long can such a marriage lasts? Will there be peace in such a marriage? Is there a possibility that both of them will end up loving each other?