Is It Right Not To Include A Female Child In Her Father’s Will?

I am confident that there are places in Nigeria where the female child is not accorded the same rights as a male child when it comes to willing out properties. In other words, a girl child is denied of certain rights and privileges because of her gender. Some traditions prohibit a man from leaving behind a landed property to his daughter. As a matter of fact, properties are passed on to extended family members in an even of a man not leaving behind a male child to inherit his will. Is this right? Does it foster a healthy and cordial relationship among siblings?

Regardless of customs and traditions, would you resign to fate if your father left you with nothing in his will? How did you react when your father’s property was passed on to some extended family members all because you are a female? Did you feel like fighting for your right? Do you think life is unfair and wished you were born a male instead of being born a female? Perhaps, you thought things would change, but your hopes have been dashed because traditions and customs don’t die easily.