Is It Right For Couples To Live Together Before Getting Married?

Couples living together is not a new thing in various parts of the world. As a matter of fact, some celebrities and indeed some other couples are known to live together without being legally joined together in marriage. Some people have questioned this as being morally wrong while some think it is not abnormal.

However, this is an issue that has continued to generate controversies and won’t even die down as most people hold firmly to their beliefs that couples should either feel free to live together before marriage or should not live together before marriage.

What is your view on this? Is it ideal for a couple of live together before marriage? Is it permitted in a setting like ours? What are the moral implications for both parties?

Will it have an adverse effect on either of them? Of course, everyone has a right to freely associate with anyone they choose to be with, but does this define freedom to associate? How does such it improve or affect the bond that exists between couples? Does such a decision bode well for their future and that of their unborn child or children?