Women advocacy groups have always championed the cause of the women folk, with hundreds of thousands of them advocating for equal rights in terms of marriage. People against it on the other hand, have always held on to the fact that there can’t be two captains in a ship. The fact that women want to be treated equally same as men, shows that something fishy is brewing. Antagonists have not stopped pointing accusing fingers at feminists as the major cause of broken homes and marriages. Why would a woman want same role as men; they always ask?

This might be a tough one to crack, but the truth is there is an ongoing debate out there where the two opposing groups are at each other’s throat over the exact cause of divorce, especially in today’s world. While feminism may not be fingered as the only reason why a lot of marriages end in divorce, it is nonetheless being blamed as the major cause.

Women do not want to submit to their husbands anymore, demanding for liberation and equal rights in the process. The men on the other hand would have none of this—which of course, leads to serious crisis within the family.