Is Abortion An Option For A Married Christian?

Abortion is one of the most controversial topics in the world. It elicits a lot of emotional reactions when being discussed, with opinions as divided as the north pole and the south pole. People with hearts and wits are, however, never afraid to discuss it, while holding on to their opinions. Those with different views are not always shy to express their views. As a matter of fact, it is an issue that generates a lot of controversies when being discussed. What are your views on abortion in a Christian home? Should a married Christian consider it as an option?

When a married Christian is confirmed or suspected to be pregnant, and feels she doesn’t want another child, should she consider terminating the pregnancy? Medical scientists have often times told us that some of the pills being taken by women to prevent pregnancy may not be 100 percent effective, and which means pregnancy during intimacy is a possibility despite efforts to prevent it.

As a Christian who is married, if a test confirms that you are pregnant, and it turns out that having another baby is not what you and your spouse want, would you consider abortion as an option?

What if she happens to be a rape victim ? Should she go ahead and keep the baby ?

Some are of the opinion that you should never consider abortion no matter the situation ?Whats your opinion?