Insurgents Planning To Bomb Houses Of VIPs, Not Mine – Osinbajo

Earlier, we brought you a report, which claimed that insurgents were planning to bomb the house of the Vice President. We have an update:

The Vice President has issued a statement, which reads:

“A press briefing note circulated today by the secretariat of the National Economic Council, contains a typo on the very last line of the last paragraph.

“That paragraph should read, ‘The Vice President also disclosed that security reports has it that scavengers are now being prepared by insurgents to dump refuse laden with bombs in the houses of VIPs’.

“The last line erroneously reads, ‘In the house of the Vice President’. Please take note of the correction.

“The 59th NEC meeting was presided over by the Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, earlier today (Thursday).”

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