Dear Iyanda’s Diary: I’m four years Older than my Fiance

Age is nothing but a number, hmmm how true?

I met Soji barely two years now, and the chemistry in class was really obvious. Apart from the fact that we were the best students in class, we also liked similar things, and naturally we bonded.

For a year, we went about as friends and reading partners, but along the line we fell in love and we started dating officially.

As things got serious and we began sharing some more intimate and personal things I got to know that I am four years older than my fiancé.

Wow, how come I never remembered to discuss this issue in the beginning? Was I blinded by my emotions?

My fear is this, if I get married to him and all the stress of motherhood comes in, and my body begins to look down, he wouldn’t find me attractive anymore, and would begin to look out, which of course I wouldn’t want.I am also worried about what his family would say when they find out i am four good years older than him.

But I love him and he doesn’t care, what should I do?