I Will Never Fall In Love With A Doctor If I Ever Get A Second Chance

Don’t get scared or worried because of the headline especially if you are a medical doctor; it is just my personal decision. Doctors are human, and they are subject to emotional feelings sometimes. Nonetheless, are all doctors so busy that loving and caring for their spouses becomes an impossible thing to do? My name is David and I have been married to Bisi for only a couple of months now; but it is like a living hell. Perhaps, my mistake was marrying someone whose weakness I thought I could tolerate or change on my own as soon as we settled down; but I am almost 100% wrong.

I knew doctors were always busy before proposing to Bisi, but I didn’t know things were going to turn the way they have. Bisi spends several hours at work working like mad, and when she gets back home, she becomes too tired to attend to me. She is always apologetic no doubt, but apologies are no longer working on me as I am already fed up. I work and earn a lot of money to take care of our needs, but asking her not to work for that reason is not an issue for me. I am so frustrated about the whole thing that all I do is eat snack and take soft drinks before going to bed most nights. The thing is Bisi returns from work to tired most of the time, and is either too tired to cook or finds it difficult to go to the market to get us foodstuffs. While she never hesitates to offer apology anytime there is an issue that has to do with her work, she doesn’t seem to understand that it is affecting me emotionally.

One thing she tries not to deny me of is sex, and Bisi tries her best to fulfil that part of our marital obligation. We both love sex a lot, and that is why we don’t find it too difficult to forgive each other when there is an issue; but something happened recently that I am still struggling to wipe off my mind. We were making love one night when her mobile phone suddenly started vibrating. Actually we were not deep in it at the time the phone started vibrating, so she was able to pick the call.

I knew it was a call from work, but all the caller wanted was to ask for certain instructions; but I was surprised when my wife asked me to drive her that night to the hospital to help a patient. Though, that was not the first time she was making such a request, I do take her to work late at nights sometimes too, but that night there was no need because it wasn’t an emergency. All the caller wanted was instruction on what to do, and moreover another doctor was on shift. When I stood my ground, she changed her mind and apologized for being selfish. Things didn’t get back to being normal again that night because for the first time since we got married, she responded coldly to love making.

I knew her mind was somewhere else, this really affected her mood. Only few months into our marriage, and things are like these? Perhaps, I shouldn’t have married a doctor?