I Swear I Will Do Whatever It Takes To Keep My Man

Love is not something you find everyday especially in a world that has gone mad. The world is filled with crazy men who only want to use and dump you, but when you find the one that truly loves you; what do you do?

Dear Iyanda, I want every reader of this blog especially the females among them to understand that finding a faithful man is not an everyday thing. Every woman who has fallen in love or has lost her man to another woman would have wished they took some precautions before things went sour.

I love partying, and so it is easier to guess the kind of company I keep. I have some crazy friends who keep lots of ‘lovers,’ yet none of them has found love. God has really blessed me in spite of my wayward life, and that blessing is John. So you can imagine how I felt one day when I saw a text message sent from one of my crazy friends to John. How Shade got hold of John’s number still remains a mystery, but what bothers me is how desperate she can be when it comes to fighting over a man.

The truth is she was the first to take note of John, but you don’t win the heart of every man you come across at first sight. Thank God Shade and John’s case was not one of love at first sight, and that is why I feel proud to say he remains mine forever. The problem is that Shade won’t accept that she was not cut out to be with John, but she is prepared to fight dirty.

Shade wants me to stay away from John, and I thought I did that the first few days we met, but John simply won’t let me be. John loves me, and wants me to marry him, but that is the part of it Shade doesn’t want to accept. I used to stay away from John in the past because I valued my friendship with my friends, but I think it’s about time I started fighting for the love of John.

Now Shade has come out openly to tell me she would do everything in her power to separate John and I. I don’t see this as an empty threat because she never makes empty threats. I have known her since our days at the college of education, and she could go to any length as long as she gets what she wants. She has a lot of spiritualists and star gazers who help her out, and I am sure she won’t spare anything to jeopardize my relationship with John.

The good thing is John knows how desperate Shade is, but sadly he doesn’t feel our relationship is threatened or can be ruined by her antics. Whether he likes it or not, it is going to be tit for tat, and I am even set to make the first move because with Shade you never wait until an enemy strikes first.