Dear Readers,

My name is Alade; Alade Adejare, the only son of my parents. I grew up not knowing who my mother was as I was told that she passed away when I was just six months old. From all the things I gathered while growing up, my father adored my mum so much that the thought of marrying another woman never for once crossed his mind. My dad had raised my sister and I virtually all alone even without asking for help from any of his female friends.

Then on my 21st birthday, and just when my sister and I were beginning to think we would never see our dad bring in a woman to live with us; things suddenly changed! Yes I was expecting a birthday present from my dad and sister; but never for once did I ever imagine it was going to come in form of a stepmother. Yes you heard me right; my dad was already advanced in his plans to take Lara as his wife. He broke the news to my sister and I; and quietly introduced our new step mother to us.

For one who never really understood what a mother’s love really feels like; I didn’t have much to complain about. However, I wasn’t too happy, not because I cared if he got married or not; but because Lara was way too young for my dad. Lara was not only cute and attractive; she has this looks that makes me feel she is desperate.

To cut the story short, and spare you details that might never do you any good in the end; Lara started buying me gifts. She would buy me gifts and support me even when I am in the wrong. She treated me just like an adult or was it because she wanted something? We went to eateries and social engagements together; not as lovers, but at least as stepmom and son.

I knew we were getting too close for comfort; but it never bothered me because my intentions were not tainted with dirty ambitions. Then on one of those days when my dad was far away on one of those business trips of his; Lara started showing the other side of her.She would come into my room late into the nights when my elder sister was fast asleep. She would come on the pretence that she couldn’t sleep, and wanted to have chats with me to while away the night.

Then on one of those nights, she finally opened up. She revealed how she had fallen heads over heels with me from the very first time she saw me. She complained bitterly of how my dad had failed on so many occasions to make love to her; and how she wished things were different with me as his lover. Of course, I was shocked to say the least; to think this had been Lara’s plan all the while. Now I perfectly understand why those gifts have never stopped coming. Now I also understand why Lara would defend me even when I am out rightly wrong.

The thing is I definitely don’t want to sleep with my father’s wife; but she just won’t give up on her plans!

Now what do I do? Should I tell my sister; who never liked the idea of marrying a woman like Lara in the first place? Should I tell my dad? Will he ever believe me?