I Paid Evil With Evil

Dear ID readers,

I know you will judge me as a wicked person. But, you probably may do worst than me if you were in my shoes. The important thing is that I took my revenge and I am satisfied.

What is the big deal if someone cuts you with a sword and you damage the sword in return? I’ve been made to believe that life is about give and take. Whatever anyone gives you is what you give in return. You can make your own reward bigger if you think you are more appreciative. “Measure for measure” as William Shakespeare would say. I’m one of the few people that believe in paying back evil for evil and good for good.

When my boyfriend who I dated for close to eight years told me that he’s no longer interested in me because we are not compatible, I almost ran mad. It was I who brought this guy from d scratch. When everyone condemned him in school because he stole a classmate’s money, I stood by him.

Left to me, he wasn’t my kind of man. But, as fate would have it, I ended up loving him due to the caring and loving attitude he directed towards me. You can’t always get what you want at all times and so I ended up with him. I stood by him in times of hardship. Whenever I decide to love someone, no matter how bad the person may be to others, I always see him as the best. I sacrificed for him, I fed him, I payed his school fees and gave him my all. What more could I have done for a man I love?

What did I get in return? Nothing! I found out that I wasted close to eight years loving nothing and I can’t bear it. I had four abortions for him and the doctor had told us that my chance of giving birth is slim. Even if he doesn’t want to marry me, why did he have to fool me for eight years before letting me know his true mind?

He told me that I wasn’t the kind of woman he can marry and that I should start afresh before it gets too late. That didn’t sound right. It’s already too late for me to start afresh. If I don’ give birth again, who will bear the punishment with me?

I gathered myself up one day and went to his house to plead with him. I felt that we should settle our misunderstanding and if I did something wrong, I needed to know so I could change. When I saw him I knelt down and started to cry but he wouldn’t even look at me with pity. His mind was already made up. He walked me out of his house and went back in. I realized that I left my phone on his chair while begging him so I turned back. His door has been locked so, I wanted to call him through the window. That was when I heard his conversation with a lady on phone. I patiently waited and heard it all. He was dialoguing with a girl who was pregnant for him. He told her to be patient that she will soon move in to his house.

That was the angriest moment of my life. I thought of what to do and without thinking twice, I remembered that my friend who owns a laboratory has some kind of acid in it. I went there directly and managed to sneak out a small bottle of acid.

I went back to my boyfriend’s house and called him through the window. He came to open the door and asked me what I wanted. I told him that I came to make a request that he should grant me my last wish before I walk out of his life. He said he’d grant me anything and I told him to make love with me for the last time. I said I needed to take a memorable thing with me. He eagerly accepted my offer because sex was what he loved most. If you give him chance, he could have it with his mother.

By the time he finished undressing, the acid bottle was already opened in my hands. When he turned to me, I turned the content over to his ready manhood. Without looking back, I fled to my house.

I’m aware of the kind of trouble I am in but, I don’t care. I’ve not heard any news or seen anybody till now but, sooner or later, I know I will face my sentence. But, before then, I want the world to understand what really happened.