Ladies, can’t a brother be nice and kind to you anymore without reading different meanings into it? Damn!!! Can’t believe Sonia is accusing me of using and dumping her after so many years of being friends. I mean what more can a brother do just to be kind and nice to a lady without being misunderstood.

It’s happening too often these days. I can’t deny the fact that I am rich and available; but why do I get blamed for sending wrong signals to ladies when all I do most of the time is try to be nice and appreciative.

My name is Kayode and I work on the Island. I run a successful business that makes cool cash every day. I have two cars, but live in a rented apartment somewhere in VI (not going to be specific for personal reasons). I have a lot of female friends, and those who have known me since I was a child would tell you that I fancy hanging around the female folks more. So that clears your doubts about my status because I am no gay.

This is not the first time a girl will be accusing me of sending her the wrong signal; but Sonia’s case is something else. Damn!!! She’s threatening me with what? Can’t believe a girl is threatening to destroy me because we were friends (maybe we are still friends) for a long time. I can’t deny that she was the closest female friend to me; but still means nothing to me especially with the way she took it.

Girlfriend lover? I have not had one for a while—maybe you could call me a sick person, but I have had my fair share of heartaches so not going to bother to find one until I have built my empire. But of course I club and party a lot. I enjoy myself and have fun virtually every other day. But Sonia is priceless—maybe that is where I got it all wrong. I kept the distance (sex-wise). The temptations were there because there were times we held tight to each other, but nothing serious ever happened. I fancied sex with her but we never did anything because I had so much respect for her.

The day our friendship was finally ruined…

So it turns out that she asked if I was not going to take her to my parents’ place to do a formal introduction. Introduction? What introduction was what I asked her? She didn’t say a word for a few minutes—then she asked me if she was not cute enough as a woman or if I didn’t fancy her as a woman to be walked down the aisle. Then I knew where she was coming from and where she was heading to. I didn’t waste a minute as I immediately dashed her “hope” by asking her what she thought about our friendship. She didn’t reply that minute, but did a few minutes after… She said: “so you have been giving me false hope all these years?”

Truth be told, Sonia never dated any man all these while, but I did ask her a few times and she waved my question aside.

She left my house that day angrily after threatening me that she would come for me real hard. She said “no one uses me and dump me just like that!” Iyanda na wetin I do this babe na (what wrong did I commit against this lady?)? Can’t a man be nice to a lady anymore without being misunderstood?

Omo I dey fear for my life ooo!!! Please help!