It is said that a leopard never changes its spots, and this saying defines my story.

Determined not to cheat on my girlfriend in my first year in the University of Ilorin, I resolved to going regularly to church, but being that I was not the Church person, it wore off sooner than later, and I went back to cheating.

All this while I thought to myself that when I truly found the person I love, I wouldn’t cheat anymore, but I have just proven my thought wrong.

The day I met Stephanie still remains the best day of my life, we instantly connected, and wow, I loved her on the spot!

I made sure the whole wedding process was sped up and we got married. Somewhere in my head, I thought to myself that now I have the most beautiful treasure in the Universe, I would stop sleeping with anything in skirt and blouse.

I was clean for a whole month after our wedding, and that seemed like 45 years, I was really happy because I passionately love Stephanie, with all of my heart.

My boss at the office got a new secretary, and before long I began to notice she was so beautiful and thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to try her out. It took me only three weeks and I had my way with her, but it didn’t stop there, I got attracted to other ladies along the way and the bad news is that they always fall for me.

I can’t help myself, after trying therapies, trying to put up a straight face at work or when I’m out, in short doing a whole lot, but nothing seems to work.

The good ting is that my wife doesn’t know about this yet, because I’m quite careful, but I have a filling I’m living on borrowed time.

What must I do to stop this?