Growing up, I’d always been the ‘shy guy’, the last to voice my opinion on issues, or at times never even voice them.

The only time I summoned courage to pour out my heart was when I met my wife and knew I had to say something, if not I was going to loose her, though I didn’t entirely say it all, she knew what I meant and saved me the ‘stress’.

All the while we dated we were always out at clubs, eateries, movies, we never really ate in, and it never bothered me at that point if my lady could work her fingers in the kitchen or not, because I was just blinded by love.

It was barely two weeks into our marriage that I noticed that my wife isn’t the best of chefs, to say the truth, a bad cook.

I’ve been stylishly lying about having a bad appetite and so I never eat much, I just make sure I eat out before I get home.

But as we clock a year in marriage, it looks like I can’t hold it anymore. That’s where I have troubles; I don’t know how to tell her she is just not a good cook.

How do I let her know this?