Dear Readers: I Do Not Want To Adopt

The past few weeks have been hell for me. The pressure is really beginning to mount up on me. Should I give in?

I and my wife have been happily married for nine years now, but things have begun to taste really sour of late. I got married for an unpopular reason, to have a companion. So, if children came along the way, beautiful, and if they did not come, praise God.

We’ve had a beautiful marriage, everything is been going on well; our sex life great, spiritual, social, generally, it’s just been beautiful. No wonder the absence of the kids didn’t bother me, because everything I wanted in the marriage has been what I got.

The issue began when my mother and my mother- in law started paying me some funny unexpected visits, and the anthem they sing is “give us grand children”. A large percentage of our buddies are advising us to adopt, and I must say, I have never felt pressure of this magnitude, ever.

This whole issue has got me weak and clueless, but one thing I am certain of is that “I do not want to adopt”.

What should I do?