I Can’t Take My Eyes Off My Husband’s Younger Brother

Ever since Tony moved in with us three weeks ago, I find it difficult to take my eyes off him.

My husband and I have been married for two years now, and there is no member of his family that I didn’t know before we tied the knot. Tony and Lydia were my two favourites, and all they have also shown in return is nothing but love towards me. However, I never thought a day would come when I won’t be able to take my eyes off one of my husband’s brothers.

After his youth service at Calabar, my husband and I asked Tony to come and live with us in Port Harcourt. For me, there couldn’t have been a better person to invite to our very large and very lonely home. My husband and I were the only two people living in a massive duplex, and so we thought it would be a great idea to invite his brother to come and live with us.

Tony is still looking for a job, and he is always at home most of the time, and I am beginning to develop unholy affection and interest in him. I know it is dangerous, but it is almost impossible not to have feelings for someone you see more than your husband. We watch films together, play monopoly game together, and eat on the dining together. I tried fighting the feelings off several times during the early stages, but it seems to grow by the day. Every morning I just pray my husband leaves for work early so Tony and I can be all alone.

I can’t help it, and it seems Tony has started taking note of my affection towards him. I am not sure how he interprets it, but he has caught me staring at him a couple of times. The truth is that I just can’t help it at the moment, and I don’t even want to bring it up with my Husband. I know the consequences, but feelings are hard to control. I mean I find it ridiculous to be falling for my husband’s younger brother; how do I explain that?

He is cute, I mean really cute; but my husband too is handsome because it runs in the family. I guess the reason why I am falling for Tony is because I see him all the time, and most especially the way he analyses some romance movies we watch together on cable. He drives away my loneliness and I can’t even recollect the last time I checked up on any of my friends in the neighborhood since Tony started living with us. I am starting to lose it these days because I also find myself discouraging him from going out to submit his CVs sometimes when there is a job opening. We are so close that he stays with me in the kitchen when I am cooking, and even goes to the market sometimes along with me.

What can I do to put a stop to these things before I destroy my marriage?