I am a lady in my late 30s, I am small bodied with a light skin. I have a lucrative job with a personal driver and 2 official cars at my disposal. Older men do not appeal to me, I love the young ones with fresh blood and agility.

I saw this young man in my office who happened to be looking for a job as a driver in my company. very handsome and well cultured man. I made sure he was employed and drafted to my department. He became my driver, his name is Chuks. He was single but in a relationship of 4 years with a girl who doesn’t reside in Lagos. We got along well with him coming around to stay in my house and give me a complete servicing that made me feel younger than my age. I made sure his job was secured with an increase in pay.

He used to live in a self contained house with his girlfriend coming to visit him at will until a day he came to see me with a teary eye and said he has been given quit notice and his belongings has been thrown into the streets. I was speechless but could not do more than accommodate him that night, trust me, the lovemaking that night was extraordinary. It was very emotional and deeply satisfying and right then I knew i wanted him around fully and wasn’t going to let him go. In the throes of excitement I asked him if he was going to start staying with me until he gets a place to stay, he was so excited that he took me to my highest point. I lost my voice the next day and had to stay in.

Now, the next morning, he woke up and told me that he wants to have a talk with me. he said, ‘My girlfriend is supposed to come this weekend, I already told her that I am staying with my boss pending the time things get better, she said its okay but still insists she wants to come.’. After pondering on it for a while, I said, ‘How long is she going to stay?’. He answered, ‘ 2 weeks’, i said, ‘its okay, she can come and stay with you since its just for 2 weeks.

The lady came, I saw her. She was a young girl with a local background who looks like a fresh university graduate and apparently doesn’t know what is happening in the house, she pranced here and there and made me so uncomfortable because she was always making love advances towards her man anywhere in the house, on the couch, I hear their voices in the midst of pleasure at night, really noisy lovers. She even enters the kitchen and eats at will, hereby wasting some food. I called Chuks and asked ‘does she know that I am your boss?’, with the look in his eyes I can tell she wasn’t told, then chuks replied, ‘I am sorry ma, I didn’t tell her all the full details, I just told her that we were working in the same company, but she will soon go, please bear with me’. I swallowed and did not say anything. She calls me my first name like we are mates , I endured for the 2 weeks she was around, then she went back, peace was restored, Chuks was back to being mine.

After 6 months of undisturbed co-existence, Chuks told me that she said she wants to come over again, I strongly disagreed. This led to a heated argument between us, this discussion has affected my relationship with Chuks because it looks like I am acting out of jealousy, Chuks is so much my dream guy that i am ready to shield him now. But Chuks is not making things easy for me. Please what am I to do? Should I just let him go? Should I tell him to move out and go take care of his life? If that happens , then I also don’t want to see him in the office. Please I need your advice. I love Chuks.

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