This is about the most confused state I have been in all my life. I am so torn between secretly packing my things in the middle of the night and leaving my loving and caring husband. A man who has shown me nothing but love since we met and got married; Gani is a perfect example of a gentleman. However, it doesn’t seem like things are ever going to continue working for us considering unnecessary interference from his family.

My husband’s family meddle in my marriage too often, and my husband appears to be dancing to their tune. I cannot continue to be joined to a man whose mother always calls my number each time my husband and I have a little argument. My husband’s only weak link is his inability to keep his mother out of our marriage.

I cannot stand being called names by my mother in-law while my husband does nothing but sue for patience and understanding. I cannot stand being embarrassed and disgraced during any public outing while my husband keeps mute. While I don’t expect my husband to be up in arms against his mother, I expect him to at least defend me against some of the insults.

The truth is, my husband’s family never supported our marriage, and they never hid that fact before we went to the altar to be pronounced man and woman. I was encouraged to go into the marriage because I thought they would change and grow to like me; but things have not really worked out eight years after.

I am torn between love and desire to pack my things and go away for a while; but the voice inside of me keeps telling me to hold on. I don’t know for how long this will continue because I have been enduring the pain and constant abuses for the past eight years, and this is driving me crazy.

What if I packed my things and left him, would that solve the problem on ground? Would that give my husband’s family the guts to bring in another woman?

Please help.