I know this is quite bizarre as one doesn’t get to read or hear things like this all the time; but it doesn’t mean strange things don’t happen around us all the time. Please read Lara’s (not real name) story and advice her accordingly…

When my father in-law insisted that his house was big enough to accommodate my husband and me, I objected to it because of the kind of stories I have heard in the past. I have heard stories of women being unjustifiably treated by their mother in-laws, which further drove the sh***t out of me. My parents were also against it for similar reasons, but my husband and his family managed to convince everyone.

That was back then in 2012. Now fast-forward to 2015—things are not what I thought it would be. The man and his wife (the parents of my husband) have not only been very nice to me, they have surpassed all my expectations. Wonderful couple, with wonderful kids; the Laoyes (not real name) are great people.

So where lies the problem?

Dear readers, the problem is that I am beginning to like my father in-law in a way that seems abnormal to me. I fantasize about him, and sometimes wished he was the man I got married to because of the way he handles issues at home. He is not only handsome; Mr. Laoye looks 20 years younger than his real age. At 64, my father in-law still arranges candlelight dinner for his wife. Sometimes you see him and his wife in the kitchen cooking and having fun together even at that age.

One night I decided to start a conversation with my husband. I told him how much I admire his parents and how I wished we could grow old loving each other the same way; and my husband’s answer was a mixture of joy and sadness to me. After spending the next 10 minutes or thereabout telling me how his parents have been the shining light of most couples in the neighbourhood, my husband dropped the bombshell by saying no one has time for that bullsh**** anymore. He seems to think that such love is one of a kind and that he is not cut out for that…

Mr. Laoye and I have hit the gym within the premises a couple of times, and nothing in him shows he is even 64. He is more romantic and knows how to treat a woman better than his son (my husband). Now I fear the worse is about to happen if I don’t do something about the deep feelings I am beginning to have for him.
The feeling is so strong that I peep at my father in-law through our window. Sometimes I just lay back on my bed and cry; wishing that the impossible love could be mine.

Perhaps, the best solution is to move out of the premises before I completely lose my sanity. My husband doesn’t see any reason why we should move to another location since the house is big enough to accommodate as many tenants as possible.

Can’t even tell my husband the reason I want us to move out of the house. Is it even right of me to be having a crush on my father in-law; dear Lord I feel like the worst sinner on earth.