What should you do when you have a feeling or you are convinced that someone is abusing you in a relationship? The first thing to do is to keep the distance—especially when you sense that you are always afraid around that person. The truth is that love shouldn’t make us fear—it should give us peace and comfort and not anything contrary. Get out of any relationship that is constantly making you fear—run as fast as your feet can take you.

Look for a trusted adult and make sure you are safe. If someone has physically assaulted you, then the first thing to do is to take refuge in somewhere safe. As a matter of fact, don’t wait to get medical attention or call the police at least not that time—flee for safety first. Assault is illegal and must not be condoned in whatever form.

Do not isolate yourself from your friends and colleagues; that might not be the right way to handle such situation. You might feel like you have nowhere to turn, or you might be embarrassed about what has been going on, but that is when you need the support of your loved ones the most. People like counsellors, doctors, teachers, coaches, and friends will want to help you, so allow them.

One mistake you should never make when being abused in a relationship is to rely on yourself. The best way to get over it is to hang around friends and family members because they truly love you and will lend a helping hand wherever and whenever you need it. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness like some people are quick to point out—everyone needs help once in a while. Asking for help is a sign that you are courageous and want to overcome your challenge.

This is the point where you have to realise that love doesn’t have to hurt. You have a right to be happy; and if your partner is not bringing you anything but pain and regret, then he is not worth it.

Don’t hide or die under the illusion that no one else would ever love you—that is what your partner wants you to believe. There are guys out there who will love and cherish you for the person you are.

Get a life and go far away from such a partner—give yourself a chance to start afresh.