Not everyone has the guts to go ahead with a wedding plan without the blessing of a father. As a matter of fact, most churches won’t join couples together except parents from both ends have given their consent. Nonetheless, some have actually defied this so-called blessing to get married to their dream love; well, not without some hiccups along the line. So how important is a father’s blessing before marriage? Does it have some unimaginable consequences?

Can you damn the “consequences” of not getting your father’s blessings and go ahead to marry the man or woman of your dream?

Being at loggerhead with one’s parents especially when it comes to getting married to a particular person is not always a pleasant situation. It is not one of those situations you wish upon your enemies because it can be very unpleasant. I mean it is not always an easy thing to have to choose between going ahead with a wedding at all cost when your parents are sticking to their guns and insisting that it is either they way or no way.

The truth about life is that it sometimes leaves us with little or no option but to take some nasty decisions regardless of whose ox is gored. So, let’s have it; would you go ahead and marry that special person regardless of the blessings of your father?