It was more than a hundred times I’d called, if I had to exaggerate a little bit, but the “number you’re calling is not answering, please try again later, thank you,” do this people know it’s my wife I was trying to call here? I mean, this was 11:58p.m.

Ok, let’s ignore my panic.

I arrived home very early, my work wasn’t a job, and I thank God for that. I rmemreme a preacher said the previous week that a job means Journey of borrower. I own a mechanic shop, if not a mechanic company; and It’s not the usual roadside mechanic shop you may think, of course it was once like that, but, may the Lord be praise, it expounded and became a notorious repairing joint in Lagos since I was good at the job and I was situated in the island axis of the town.

I own a house, a car and a land somewhere around the island, I mean, if you live in Lagos, you know what it takes to own a land and a ‘house’, if I have to raise my voice, in the island axis. So my company, so to say, is quite lucrative.

And what did I do to a woman who stuck with me while my working uniform were the color of grease itself? While I stuck my face every now and then under the cars of customers (some which where here friends from school she referred to me), a blissful marriage was the reward and a fantastic lifestyle.

Women can be naughty if they want to, Sandra asked me to come home early, she wanted to attend a seminar and she would need my help with the kids when they returned from school. It was fine and I’d gone very early to meet my kids.

About quarter to 5 she called to tell me her car broke down somewhere in the mainland and she’d taken a cab to her destination. Ok, nothing was amiss, that was a tiny issue. I called my boys to go check it out and see what they could do. The benefits.

It was exactly 7:14p.m. I arrived at the spot she asked that I waited; she was taking a shuttle bus to meet with me. Leaving the kids at home, idI slept there in the car, bought plantain chips, drank bigi apple, played a mobile game and even chat unnecessary chat that pissed me off, but my wife was probably stuck in Lagos freaking traffic.

I pride myself as a loving husband, I mean, I was going to wait there till the next day if I have to. But my worry was “the number you’re calling is not answering, please try again later, thank you.”

Listen, we are all humans, when this lady begin to tell you this thing repeatedly and your love one is somewhere you’re not so sure of, the panic is high, your countenance shows a great deal of worry. Your mind, God help us, begins to imagine several ‘what ifs’ and you aimlessly pace not knowing what to do. I did not even know I’d moved a couple of distance from where I packed my car at that 11pm.

I was extra worried. I just wanted her to pick up and tell me she was close or stuck in traffic. At least it was late already and the road was supposed to be traffic free.

I looked around where I was, the roadside stores where packing up already and if they finally did, I would be the only one in the area and any other person would just be passing by.

They first started coming from a far way off, I didn’t count them initially, but I did as they began to look suspicious: eight thuggish guys. About three of them had cigarettes or something of like that between their fingers.

I panicked at the sight of them, but it was inwardly. I didn’t want to run as they came close and looked more like they were discussing about me already, so I began to take some funny steps backwards. When I glanced back, my car was far from me. How the hell did I walk that distance?

As I walked, I noticed their pace became faster, I didn’t need any more confirmation that these guys were coming for me, I took to my heels and swiftly began to ran towards my car.

I was really frightened, I could not even take note of what looked like dingy water ahead of me. I didn’t know it was a very deep pit, I unexpectedly slumped down into the muddy water and I began to sink into it gradually.

The guys ran towards me and saw what had happened, what I heard was, “oh boy, leave am make we de go”.

And as quickly as it went, from my chest up to my head where the only part of me still showing up, there was nothing to hold on to, I was sinking into the God knows what. My phone could only be somewhere inside it already, but I didn’t care, no one in my situation would.

It was while it was remaining just my head showing up, I saw the eighth guys running back towards me. As fast as they could, one held the other and the other did the other until they formed a chain that got them to me. Gradually they struggled to pull me up and dragged me out of the muddy water after which they ran off again.

What? Thugs?

I was all but thankful. No injuries

My wife had returned after some few minutes and met me in the car looking dirty and soaked. It was a long story, I couldn’t tell her there, so we drove home.

Shit happens.

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