That day, my girlfriend text me, she always called, but I didn’t surmised something might be wrong. As a guy, as the text baby come over, I’m lonely arrived my phone, my body chemistry shifted from normal. Foolish me was no longer thinking straight mg nous changed setting, I was already so excited, I just wanted to pounce on her.

I picked my boxers—a freshly washed one, and pulled it on. Wow, my crotch hair had over grown, I’d better shaved before heading to her place.

Sharp sharp, I took the shaving stick and headed for the bathroom. After a thorough shave, I washed my body as if I had mud on, and I came out to get dressed. The after shave wasn’t really a good idea, it was better I shaved days before. Shaving now and going for such mission would obviously tell I had my pervert motive—also, the after shave usually keep some tiny irritating hair.

I searched for my best round neck brown polo, I don’t really bother about trousers, I usually feel it’s the shirt that gets noticed. I almost finished my perfume on one polo.

Why was I doing this? I started dating Regina last two weeks and the times we’ve spent together hadn’t led to ‘fun’ (if you know what I mean) but I knew this one would lead there, as a matter of fact, I felt it was the reason the text seemed seductive to me.

On my way, I saw Gitsu, a mad man in my street who broke his legs in a motorcycle accident and I had been kind enough to carry him most times to where ever he was headed, since he only crawl in my street to buy stuff for himself and because it was the rainy season. I haven’t got the gut to watch him crawl in the muddy water.

It was humiliating sometimes when I carried him across the damps and people watch me do so; although some usually thanked me as if he was the relative they’d abandoned.

He was ahead of me already, about to cross one of the largest muddy water in the street. I didn’t want to mess up my looks so I ignored him and headed to the opposite direction, after all no one paid me for my kindness—more so, I was not obliged to.

I halted a motorcyclist and told him where I was headed, but he was distracted by a sight ahead where Gitsu was. “Seems like that lame man wants to craw in that muddy water,” he told me, waiting to see how he would do it.

I looked, it was Gitsu. Again my conscience flogged me, I ran towards Gitsu and carried him across the water, but while I carried him, a Chevrolet drove past the water on speed, and Gitsu and I got really muddy. It was embarrassing. I just put Gitsu down at the other part of the water and dusted myself as I walked away embarrassed. Gitsu don’t talk, he only made signs. It was obvious in his expression that he was sorry, but there was nothing he could do.

I told the motorcyclist to go. I went inside to freshen up again. I got another blue polo and I came out looking smart enough, and there I saw Gitsu again, he wanted to cross the water back to the other side.

I ignored him and faced the direction I was headed, this time, I was ready to allow him swim. But as my face turned to the other side, I saw seas of faces looking at me, expecting that I’d carry Gitsu. I had no choice, I went ahead and carried him again to the other side. He thanked me by waving and off I went. My body chemistry was still the same until I received a call from Regina; it was another lady that spoke to me, telling me that Regina was dead.

What happened?

It was the following weak I got the information that Regina’s body was found in her apartment, I’d have been located but the quick autopsy report showed she died before someone text me to come. If I’d gone earlier I’d be the one the landlord would say was the last person he saw, but the killers weren’t smart enough, they were the last people the landlord testified he saw.

Just when I’d thought I wasn’t getting any payment for helping Gitsu.

The end.



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