He Wants His Son Back After What He Made Me Go Through!

Dear readers,

Men are horrible; and I have no apology for using that word! After what he made me go through, he now wants his son back.

My name is Abake, and I am a single mother of a beautiful and charming four year old boy named Daniel. I was in senior secondary school 1 (SS1) when I Daniel’s father put me in the family way. Imagine the disappointment in the eyes of my parents, brothers, and school authorities when the story of my pregnancy was made known. Those days were terrible for me as I was immediately expelled from school, and virtually ostracized in the neighbourhood by family and friends.

To say I didn’t contemplate suicide during those days is a massive understatement especially since Justin, the guy responsible for my pregnancy denied he had a hand in it. Justin was not just my boyfriend during the time; he was also the one who deflowered me. He flatly denied responsibility for my pregnancy; and relocated to an unknown location when my parents threatened him with the police.

The pressure on me was so much that my parents had to send me to Oshogbo to stay with my dad’s younger sister. My relocation to Oshogbo was to help me get over the pressure and give me a new lease of life. Through the help and support of God and my dad’s younger sister, I was able to overcome my emotional and psychological trauma. Aunty Aduni, my dad’s younger sister also registered me for my compulsory antenatal. She also registered me in a fashion school where I was to learn how to sew and design both ladies and children’s wears.

I gave birth to Daniel just a few weeks to Christmas and even though things looked a bit tough as a young teenager who was being giving a baptism of fire in a very hard way; I was able to overcome.

Afterwards, it was tears every night as the pain and shock of Justin’s denial and the thought of what to tell my son when he grows up and start asking for his father. I cried every other night; and my aunty did all she could to encourage me. More shocking is the fact that never for once did the supposed father of my son visit our home or ask after me even from my friends.

I returned to Lagos just few days to Daniel’s 2nd birthday; and this time around, my parents welcomed me with so much love. Though, it hurts, I decided to move ahead with my life without letting the events of the past weigh me down.

Daniel is now four years old, and guess what? He is every inch like his father in terms of physical appearance. My child may look just like his father in terms of physical appearance; but God forbid that he takes after his father’s heartless character.

One Sunday evening as I was taking Daniel to the salon to have his haircut; guess who I saw? I saw Justin, the heartless father of my son walking towards my direction along with one of his aunties. Imagine the anger and bitterness in my heart and on my face the moment I set my eyes on him. I was not prepared to say hello or acknowledge any of his greetings; but I couldn’t help but respond when his aunty greeted me. Justin’s aunty asked if I could spear her a couple of minutes; and I bluntly told her I was in a hurry. She didn’t make any effort to persuade me; but I knew it was certainly not the last time because it was obvious that they wanted to have some words with me.

Justin’s family members, friends and several church members have since been sending messages to plead on his behalf. The truth is he doesn’t just want forgiveness from me; he also wants my bundle of joy.

It is possible to forgive him; but is it really possible to give him the privilege or honour of calling him the father of a child he once denied? What if I had lost my life during those periods?

Another problem is that my parents don’t even want him around me and my child. He is even a persona non grata in my home.