Has Religion Done More Harm To Mankind Than Good?

Religion as they always say is the opium of the masses. It has brought as much peace as hate among people of the world. People defend even unto death what they have been thought to the detriment of their neighbours and friends. Considering the ‘fact’ that most religion preach and belief peace, has more harm been done to mankind than good? Is religion worth all the killings, maiming, slaughtering, and hatred we experience virtually everywhere in the world today?

Is it right to kill and claim we were instructed to do such in the name of God? Is God not God of peace who has called all men to live in peace? Should people be banned from freely expressing their right to practice or preach what they believe is inciting hatred? From Africa to Asia and from Europe to the American continent; it is a case of man’s inhumanity to man in the name of religion.

Arms and ammunitions are made for times of war; but men have gradually included religion as a weapon for destroying others. Religious tolerance is no longer the order of the day as thousands are maimed every day in the name of religious beliefs.

Has religion done more harm to mankind than good? What do you think?