Everyone Calls Him A Gigolo, But He Wants Me To Marry Him

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I am in a very confused state at the moment…

I love Yomi, but my instinct keeps warning me to steer clear of this guy who has a pedigree when it comes to seeing the back of almost every lady in the neighbourhood on his bed. Yomi wants me to marry him and has even vowed to hold on until we get married before asking for sex; but my heart is so confused at the moment.

I need sound advice because this is a guy that has dated and slept with almost all the guys I know. He seems to have repented and no longer behaves the way he used to; but the story I hear about his past scares me a lot.

I only got to know him few months back, and nothing intimate has happened between us; though, he has made some attempts. When I confronted him with facts about how he behaved in the past, he admitted to being a gigolo, but he has now turned a new leaf.

Can a leopard change its spot? Those were the words of my dear mum when I told her about Yomi’s proposal. My mum was not impressed as she warned and advised me to turn him down. That has not only affected Yomi’s chances of getting a ‘yes’ from me, it has also thrown me into further confusion.

Please what should I do? I am so lost and confused on the next and right step to take…

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