As days succeed days, I realize that things are turning around in this world. There are some logical things that have suddenly turned around and the odds are happening.

Back in my young days, I was made to realize that education is a sure way to success. Educated people are viewed as most successful especially when they work in corporate sects. When you are educated in those days, you were admired by the whole community and assumed to be very rich. If again you could speak impeccable English, you have won their hearts and have become a role model for the young ones coming behind you. Education was the best in those days.

But, nowadays, things are totally different. People who are educated struggle to survive under those who are not. I’m not saying that all educated people work under illiterates. But, the number of literates in Nigeria is so much that there are no places to fix them in.

Meanwhile, there are some who did not thread on the part of education. Instead, they engage themselves in businesses at a very early stage. They struggle hard to gather wealth while their mates are in school. At the end of the day, they make it big time.Those who were busy in school then will finish and take their CVs to them seeking employment, taking on roles that they are over qualified for just in the name of surviving. Isn’t it awkward?

If you look around the political sector as well, not many of them are well learned. Examine it from the local government level. Most of these people are primary and secondary school leavers. Yet, they decide the fate of those who have stressed much to make themselves learned.

No wonder most youths of nowadays take education with levity. They refuse to read or attend classes because they believe they won’t work with their certificates or get paid peanuts thats if the job is available in the first place.

Students are devoting most of their time to extra activities that can raise them money other than getting serious with their academic works.

What is becoming of this nation?  The hope of success for learned youths are depreciating. Some students who graduated with upper credit in the university have turned to frauds in despair. They engage in various acts of frauds which they call “yahoo- yahoo” or “yahoo plus”. They dupe innocent people to survive. Several people have committed suicide after being duped by these set of people yet, they feel no guilt. Recently, they have been unable to dupe as much as they want because people are getting wiser. Instead of them to stop these fraudulence act, they eventually improvised by doing it spiritually.Even kidnapping is like a way out for some graduates as well.They make innocent people surrender their money by force. The government is doing nothing about it.

Whenever I think about all these pitiful things befalling this nation, I usually feel very sad. How can a government reign for years without putting graduates employment in place? What are they governing if not themselves? These issues have not for once stopped to bother me. Will Nigeria ever be developed and stable in this our generation?

That people prefer to earn money through other dubious means than education is absurd to me. Education is supposed to be the best legacy and not an avenue to speak English. Once you can speak good English in Nigeria, you are learned.It is the highest misconception I can ever understand.

It would be nice to hear your opinion and suggestions on what can  be done to get back on the right track.