Distant relationship
How does it work?
Have you by any chance ventured into a distant relationship?Does online relationship habour more loss than gain?
Initially, the distant relationship I used to know is that of a partner living in one part of the world while the other live at another part of the world. Actually, in those days, they communicate with letters. Not to talk of the cultural Yoruba land where they can only communicate by sending messages to each other through signs and symbols. Lol!
In any case, it usually worked out like that back then. It got to another era when pen and paper was introduced and  they still coped well.
Now, I start to wonder why in this era of computerization, where everything seems to be easier than it were, most, if not all, distant relationship seems to break down easily.
Online relationship
The rate at which people date themselves online is alarming. If you ask an average girl where she meets a guy, she tells you it’s through internet. That’s not bad. But, both guys and girls are abusing that fact and it’s making it complicated for those who are sincerely into it.
Do you remember the case of that daughter of a senator who was dating someone she met on facebook? They had been chatting for some months  and eventually decided to meet in  Lagos .
The girl told her friends about it back in Abuja and they all knew about it. A week passed and the girl didn’t return to her friends in school and so they decided to inform her parents. They looked for her only to discover her dead corpse lying in the hotel room some days later. What a tragedy it was for them and unimaginable  for those of us who just heard of it!
With this, is it safe for me to say that online relationships could be dangerous? Well I guess I shouldn’t be quick to assume or jump to conclusion after listening to another story.
Online Success story
I used to know a girl named Nike. We were pretty close and she was  always so eager to tell me whatever new thing that was going on in her life.
I noticed she couldn’t hold on to any one of her boyfriends and I realised that the problem she had was that most guys that she had tried to date were more interested in sex which she wasn’t ready to give in to their demand. So she eventually decided not to date anyone around her and made up her mind about going into  long distance relationship.We joked about online relationship sites and she jokingly agreed to try it out.It turned out to be one of the best things that happened to her .
Nike met Sola online via facebook and they got closer by the day. She couldn’t stop talking about how nice, caring and well cultured Sola is.Sola lived in the Uk and eventually moved back to Nigeria because of Nike.The relationship grew stronger and all  they did was chat online and speak on phone .Miracles do happen o.Lol
Six months later, Nike called to inform me of their wedding .I was really surprised and anxious about it because I thought maybe he wasn’t for real but I later discovered they had become very good friends and the friendship wasnt based on just the physical attraction . Wasn’t it way too fast? For them, it was what they wanted and it worked out perfectly well. I met Sola and Immediately, I knew Nike was lucky to have him as her husband. So people that turned out to be their own gain.
The question now is “can we say that online relationship harbours more loss than gain?” I need your candid comment.