Speaking the truth all times and keeping staying faithful to your partners are some of the reasons some relationships last the distance while others fail. Without doubt, a lot of us have our hidden pasts and things we do not want our partners to know about us. Some of the things we did in the past are so despicable and difficult to explain; so we want them to remain hidden. However, some school of thought believe that confessing some of the things you did in the past can help your relationship.

Well not everyone has a pleasant story to tell per confession. As a matter of fact, some ladies have landed in hospitals as a result of opening up on some of their past deeds. Some women have been so unlucky with their decision to confess as it has landed them a divorce paper. So what exactly is the benefit of confession? Do confessions make relationship stronger or weakens it?

Do you see your partner as the type that won’t take lightly to some of the things you did in the past? Do you see him overreacting to any confession that has to do with cheating on him? If he is that type of person, would you rather keep your secrets to yourself and hope he never finds out?